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       Data Replication Suite

Complete Offsite Backup Solution! 

  • Includes both client and server
  • No need to send data to a third party - send to your own offsite location
  • Start your own offsite data facility

SOS Replication Scheduler:

Now you can back up Outlook PST email files and other open/locked files while they are in use!  No need for an expensive open file module. This handy backup tool will allow you to schedule the backup of PST files while Outlook is open. You can schedule the backup of everyone’s email and not worry about whether or not Outlook is closed during the backup!

The backup window shows all hidden files, allowing you to easily select PST files and other hidden data.

Numerous Features:SOS Replication Scheduler

  • Open File Backup without needing an open file manager.
  • Off-Site Backup!
  • Backup to Network Drive!
  • Backup to USB Drive!
  • Backup to FTP Server via Internet!
  • Backup to Rsync Server via Internet!
  • SSH Encryption for Safe Internet File Transfer!
  • Will Backup from any Network or Local Drive to any Network or Local Drive!

SOS Replication Scheduler allows you to back up any directory path at a scheduled time. It uses Windows Volume Shadow Service (VSS) to make a shadow copy of your data so that you can backup open files without an open file manager. Data can be transmitted to any network drive or over the Internet to any FTP server or Rsync Server. This module can do block-level Rsync synchronization so that only changes in files are transmitted, which greatly reduces bandwidth and time needed for offsite backup.

SOS Offsite Data Receiver:

Turns any Windows PC into an Rsync Server in Moments! 

SOS Replication SchedulerFeatures Include:

  • Receives from any Rsync client
  • Configurable to use any port
  • Receives byte level Rsync transmissions
  • Specify any drive or directory path for saved data

The Offsite Data Receiver Module allows you to setup any Windows workstation or server (2000/XP/2003/2007) to receive offsite data transmissions from any Rsync client, from SOS Standby Server or from the SOS Backup Scheduler. Setup takes mere seconds and installs as a background service that will not affect use of the PC. The Offsite Data Receiver works over the Internet through any Internet connection. It uses block-level Rsync synchronization so that only changes in files are transmitted, which greatly reduces bandwidth and time needed for backup. Software installs in mere seconds and it only takes 2 mouse clicks and your Rsync Server is up and running. A Help file is included which tells you all you need to know to securely configure your Rsync Server.

Get the Suite for ONLY...

         Data Replication Suite for Servers:  $395.00
         Data Replication Suite for XP:         $  99.00
         Data Replication Suite for Vista       $125.00

For the Scheduler Only - $25.00 (Multiple Purchase Discount Available)

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