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      Drive Imaging Server


GhostBuster Drive Imaging Server

For those who want to take drive imaging to the next level, we have another product that enhances the power of the GhostBuster Boot CD - The GhostBuster Drive Imaging Server. The imaging server gives you the ability to transmit images at high speed through your network to a central repository that manages images of all your networked PCs. You also have the ability to mount images as virtual drives, which allows you to work with individual files inside the image. This feature means that you can image a crashed and unbootable machine, mount the image, and recover all the data files!

GhostBuster Server - Retail: $800.00


GhostBuster Windows Client

GhostBuster Server includes a Windows client, allowing you to create images without rebooting the machine. GhostBuster can backup to a GhostBuster Drive Image Server or to an external hard drive. Imaging can be scheduled so that backup of your system happens automatically -- nothing for you to remember to do! Best of all - There is no per/seat licensing on the client. If you own GhostBuster Server you can install the GhostBuster Client on all the PCs on your network!

GhostBuster Client - Included with Server


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