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SOS Standby Server is simply the best network server disaster recovery option available today.

In recovering from an IT disaster, timing is everything. Costs can mount quickly with each minute that access is denied to critical systems, networks and data. In the event of main server failure, SOS Stanby Server is designed to come online immedately and take over for the main server, allowing users to continue working uninterrupted until the main server is restored.

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The Standby Server software package creates an exact replica of the main server which runs live in a virutal sequestered network. The uniquie SOS NetRAID driver on the main server duplicates individual file I/O requests on the main server and sends them to the server's own disk and to the standby server simultaneously. When the standby server goes into failover mode, it comes online on the main network as an exact replica of the failed server with all the user data intact and up-to-date.

All the intricacies of creating a replica of the main server, maintaining Active Directory replication, and resyncing new data back to the main server after running in failover mode are smoothly handled by the SOS Standby Server software.


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