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GhostBuster Boot CD

   Drive Imaging Boot CD


GhostBuster Boot CD

GhostBuster backs up your entire system -- operating system, all programs, all system settings, all data, absolutely everything. And best of all it all happens automatically! Restoring your system is as simple as inserting the rescue CD and rebooting! Minutes later your system is completely restored to its original pristine condition. One of the first systems to perform this type of drive imaging was Norton Ghost. But Ghost requires that you pay $70.00 for every single PC that you wan to image. Not so with GhostBuster! There is no per-seat licensing. Buy Ghostbuster and you can image every single PC on the premises for no additional cost! Say "Goodby" to Ghost, and "Hello GhostBuster!"


GhostBuster Boot CD

Insert the GhostBuster Boot CD and reboot the PC. Your hardware is identified, appropriate network driver is loaded, and a simple menu is presented wherein you select whether to make an image or rebuild the machine from an image. The software creates what is called a drive image file -- one big file that contains everything on your hard drive. In the event of any kind of problem with your computer, you can simply restore it to an earlier point in time, before you were having any trouble. Not only will this save hundreds of dollars in repair fees, it saves you the aggravation of having to spend hours or days reinstalling all your favorite applications and peripherals!

Fast Imaging

The new GhostBuster CD can image only the used portion of the drive. This means faster imaging and smaller image files. It also means faster restoring. Typically image build or restore on a typical workstation can be done in five or ten minutes.

Rescue Mode

Hard disks with bad sectors often cannot be imaged, at least not with Ghost or other imaging products. Not so with GhostBuster! Rescue Mode will often allow you to image drives with bad sectors.

Backup Any Operating System

The Boot CD has the ability to backup any operating system - even Unix or Linux!

Cost Comparison: Ghost Vs GhostBuster

Norton Ghost

To image a network with 50 PCs, Ghost will cost you $70.00 per machine. That's $3,500.00! Plus about $300.00 more for sales tax! Then there is the labor to install the software packages on 50 machines - and time is money.


GhostBuster cost is $200 for initial purchase, and $100 per year subscription renewal. This allows you to image an unlimited number of PCs. You can save those images on an attached USB drive. With the GhostBuster boot CD there is nothing to install, so there is no labor time involved. Now think about this: The price of GhostBuster is less than the tax on Norton Ghost! This is a no-brainer: Ghost is busted!

Subscription Information

The GhostBuster Annual subscription of $100.00 per year entitles you to a new CD every year that will be licensed and enabled to run for another year. You get updates and patches and telephone and email support.

Why Drive Imaging?

Drive imaging is different from tape backup or a file-by-file backup. With tape backup a hard drive crash requires that you first reinstall the operating system, download and restore drivers as needed, download and install service packs, reinstall your tape software and then restore your tape. Then you must reinstall all of your applications. This can take hours on a workstation with a lot of programs. A GhostBuster Drive image makes a "snapshot" image of the entire drive. Restoring this image restores everything including the operating system and all programs and settings.

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