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Failover Standby Server
The Best HA Disaster Recovery Solution!

SOS Standby Server is a failover disaster recovery system that provides high availability for network servers. Our premier network server HA software package provides real time network-aware RAID data replication along with automatic or manual failover capability, providing single or multi-server failover for Exchange servers, file servers, application servers and SQL database servers. The software can be configured to provide a failover server at either an onsite or offsite location.

SOS Standby Server is a simple yet elegant software-only solution that provides a failover server which has faster switch-over to standby than any other solution on the market. No special hardware is required as the product is software based. It works in both physical as well as virtual machine environments. Its unique implimentation makes it the easiest failover system to setup and manage. The uniquie SOS NetRAID driver duplicates individual file I/O requests on the main server and sends them to the server's own disk and to the standby server simultaneously. In other words, data is written to the main server's hard disk at the exact same time it is being written to the standby server's hard disk. This insures that the user data on the standby server is always in sync with the main server.

In the event of main server failure, the standby server can take over all functions of the failed main server, allowing users to continue working uninterrupted until the main server is repaired. Since the standby server is always fully operational in a virtual sequestered network it can be brought online instananeously in the event of main server failure.

Server Disaster Recovery Standby Servers

Designed to run on any Windows Server operating system, SOS Standby Server will provide standby failover services for any server on your network while simultaneously providing data archiving and offsite backup.


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