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SOS Standby Server (Windows Version)


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Open File Module

This is needed if you are backing up open/locked files such as SQL or Exchange. It is recommended in most cases.

The Open File Module for Servers is $850.00, Open File Module for Workstations is $125.



SOS Standby Server Annual Support Contract

We often get feedback from customers concerning enhancements and features they would like to see incorporated into the software. We work diligently to incorporate valuable updates into the software on a regular basis. In 2008 we released an update on an average of one a month. As our customer base grows our software is installed in many varied environments which sometimes bring to light adjustments that need to be made for specialized situations. When you have an annual support contract you will receive all these updates and patches that are released throughout the year for free, along with free phone and email technical support as well as a reduced labor rate for any on-site or remote hands-on support from Swarbrick Software.

Most of our clients purchase support. We believe it is a wise choice. SOS Standby Server is an investment into your disaster recovery plan. Adding annual support will keep that investment up-to-date and insure it is configured for peak efficiency.

Annual support is $800.00 per year.




If you are doing failover for a domain controller this is recommended. It will keep the active directory on the standby server up to date.

ADR is $300.00 when purchased with SOS Standby Server or Annual Support, $480 if purchased alone.




In addition to the NetRAID Driver included with SOS Standby Server, we recommend you purchase one additional for each additional server you want failover for.

NetRAID Driver is $100.00





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