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   SOS Standby Drive!


Ultimate Protection For Mission Critical Workstations or Servers

Never be down again!  Get protected against all the PC Killers:
Corrupted Operating System, Failed Hard Drive, Viruses & Spyware –
SOS Standby Drive allows you to Recover instantly from any of these!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
Standby Drive backs up your entire system -- operating system, all programs, all system settings, all data, absolutely everything.  Here is how it works:  You install a second hard disk that is identical to your first drive.Then you insert the SOS Standby Drive Boot CD and boot the computer off of the CD.  The software then automatically clones your first drive to your second drive.  If your first drive ever fails, you simply open the case and configure your second drive as the first drive and reboot – You are back up in minutes!Server Disaster Recovery Standby Servers

How often should I re-clone the drive?
Anytime you have done any major change to the operating system or added new software.  You might re-clone your PC monthly or every few months, depending on how often you make system changes

How much effort is involved in re-cloning the drive?
Not much. Just put the CD in the drive and reboot the PC. Hit enter at the prompt. Just do it in the evening when you are finished using your PC. In the morning, reboot and remove the CD.

What about files and data that change every day?
The software comes with a data replicator module that allows you to easily schedule a backup of your data to your standby drive at regular intervals. You can set it to send nightly, or every minute if you wish.  This powerful tool allows you to send data to any local drive, network drive, or any offsite FTP server,  Rsync Server, or SSH Server.

What about Licensing and Pricing?
SOS Standby Drive is sold with a site license -- no per-seat licensing. What this means is that one copy of Standby Drive can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs at one physical location.

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