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Try SOS Standby Server today!SOS Standby Server Recovery
SOS Standby Server is simply the best network server disaster recovery option available today.

In recovering from an IT disaster, timing is everything. Costs can mount quickly with each minute that access is denied to critical systems, networks and data. That's why SOS Stanby Server was designed, to provide an innovative solution for a local and remote backup / failover system.  It provides you with an automatic server failover capability for your file servers. In the event of main Server Disaster Recovery Standby Serversserver failure, the standby server can take over file serving functions for the server, allowing users to continue working uninterrupted until the main server is restored.

  •  A Backup Server that Mirrors Data from your Main Server
  •  Backs up Microsoft NT/2000 Servers.
  •  Automatic Server Failover Capability
  •  Standby Server takes over while Main Server is repaired
  •  Backs up open files
  •  Up-to-the-minute constant mirroring – Not yesterday’s data
  •  Scheduled data archiving – Yesterday’s (or last week’s) data
  •  Low bandwidth – Only copies differences in files
  •  Mirrored & archived data is instantly available.
  •  Simple install, easy operation, self monitoring, free support
  •  Remote monitoring and control via the Internet
  •  Off-site backup via Internet data backups (cable, DSL, or dial-up)
  •  Off-site data warehousing -- Generate monthly income
  •  Multi-server capable – Backup unlimited 95/98/NT/2000 machines to 1Standby Server

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