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Numerous Features:SOS Replication Scheduler

  • Open File Backup!
  • Off-Site Backup!
  • Backup to Network Drive!
  • Backup to USB Drive!
  • Backup to FTP Server via Internet!
  • Backup to Rsync Server via Internet!
  • SSH Encryption for Safe Internet File Transfer!
  • Will Backup from any Network or Local Drive to any Network or Local Drive!


SOS Replication Scheduler allows you to back up any directory path at a scheduled time. Designed to Work with the SOS Open File Module to allow backup of SQL, Exchange, or any open and locked file, or using the Shadow option you can backup open files without an open file manager, using Shadow Copy on any XP or 2003 machine. Data can be transmitted to any network drive or over the Internet to any FTP server or Rsync Server. This module does block-level Rsync synchronization so that only changes in files are transmitted, which greatly reduces bandwidth and time needed for the backup.

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