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We use SOS Standby Server in our data center to provide High Availability / Fail-over services for our Support Management Software running on an SQL 2000 database. This data is accessed by over 6,000 of our associates and we cannot afford to ever have this data offline. The installation and setup of SOS was easy and straightforward. The failover tests we conducted assured us that in the event of a real server failure that SOS Standby Server would immediately take over for the downed server. We found the technical support at Swarbrick Software, Inc. to be outstanding. They were responsive and helpful both before and after our purchase. I would highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a quality failover solution at a reasonable price.

Corporate Systems Administrator II, Server Engineering
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield logo

I manage several web servers for our community newspaper, as well as an Oracle Server for our Internet Service department. After a number of hard drive crashes, I began researching some of the new solutions available for data redundancy. I compared SOS Standby Server with several other products. SOS was the most affordable. Competing products required a license for each machine involved in the backup scenario and this was cost prohibitive. SOS does not require this. No per-seat licensing seemed too good to be true and at first this made me a bit skeptical. But after calling Swarbrick Software, Inc. and speaking with Mark Swarbrick, I became convinced I should give SOS a try, and I'm glad I did. 

The software's ability to sync with numerous mission critical servers on the network is unique. Its ability to mirror itself to a third machine of my choice on the network was also quite impressive. When I learned of it's capability for scheduled offsite storage I was even more impressed. The GhostBuster Server is another feature that really intrigued me. GhostBuster's ability to do a scheduled image of a partition or drive is phenomenal. This allows me to rebuild a drive from scratch just from the image file.

My opinion of the software: It's wonderful! It's the very best buy I could find on the market and I have utilized it in our IT department for the past 6 months. Since we have more than one network in our operation I bought a second copy for the other segment.  Both servers are functioning without any problems at all.  My wife is an IT director at an area school district, and when she learned of SOS Standby Server and its capability, she purchased one for the school district. 

The technical support provided was quite commendable. On a number of occasions I needed to ask questions and request assistance. Each and every time Mark Swarbrick answered the phone personally and was always able to quickly assist me.

My thanks to Swarbrick Software, Inc. for providing a superior product and excellent support!

Gordon Zeigler , Senior IT Manager
The Plainview Daily Herald
Plainview , Texas

Plainview Daily Herald

I have been using SOS Standby Server for almost five years. During that time, I have had two opportunities to put this program to the test. The first server failure came in the middle of my busiest tax preparation season when the hard drive crashed. I was very alarmed, thinking that my computer system would be down for a day or two or longer. As a small-business owner, I cannot afford the lost revenue this would cause. But then I remembered the SOS Standby Server purchased years earlier. It had been quietly and automatically watching over my data. So just a few mouse-clicks later and I was up and running on the standby server.

The second time disaster struck was a few months ago when my server's power supply failed. It turned out that the proprietary power supply was not available locally and was on back-order. My server would be down for a week! Once again SOS came to my rescue. The standby server took over and all my employees continued working as though nothing happened.

I can testify that without SOS Standby Server my business would have come to a screeching halt until the server was repaired. I originally purchased SOS because my experience with tape backup has taught me that tape can fail you at the worst possible time. SOS Standby Server has not only kept my data secure for years, its ability to make that data immediately available has been invaluable to my business

I highly recommend SOS Standby Server as an affordable, effective and reliable investment for business continuity and data backup.


Conrad A. Roskelley , CFP®, President
Cornerstone Financial Planning, Inc.
Chandler , Arizona

We have been using SOS Standby Server since September of 2005 and we love it. We use it to backup our SQL database and other crucial data. The interface is easy to navigate and the program runs great in the background with no performance impact on any of our servers. I have simulated a server crash and it took only minutes to bring up the standby server to emulate the downed server.  One of the slickest features of the software is that failover is totally transparent to the workstations. The users don't even know they are running on another server.  As with any insurance, you hope you never have to use it, but I can rest easy knowing that if my main file server crashes, within minutes our firm can be up and running with only a few minutes of down time, effectively saving our firm thousands of dollars.


Monica M. Gallegos, IT Support Manager
Walker & Armstrong LLP, Certified Public Accountants
Phoenix , Arizona

Walker & Armstrong LLP


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