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Server Disaster Recovery Standby Servers

SOS Standby Server for Windows
SOS Standby Server for Windows (SOS4WIN) is our premier backup solution, a software package which performs high availability server mirroring for your entire network. Designed to run on Windows 2000 (Pro or Server), XP, SBS, 2003, or 2008 Servers, it will provide standby failover services for any server on your network, while simultaneously providing data archiving, offsite backup, and drive imaging for all PCs on the network. Read More...

Includes SOS4WIN Data Replicator, SOS Backup Scheduler, Offsite Data Receiver and GhostBuster Drive Imaging Server! Open File Access Module Available.

See how it works! Download this on-screen Flash tutorial which will give a visual demonstration of the powerful features of SOS Standby Server. Click here to watch it now!


Other Software Available From Swarbrick Software:

Standby Drive
Standby Drive backs up your entire system -- operating system, all programs, all system settings, all data, absolutely everything.  Read More...

SOS Backup Scheduler
SOS Backup Scheduler is the Swiss Army Knife of backup programs! Small and inexpensive, yet extremely versatile, this utility allows you to schedule a backup of open files, transmit encrypted data to offsite via the Internet by FTP, Rsync, or SSH. Read More...

Offsite Open File Data Suite
The SOS ODR Module converts any 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, or 2008 Windows machine into an Rsync Server capable of receiving Rsync data transmissions sent over the Internet from the SOS Standby Server or the SOS Backup Scheduler. Read More...

GhostBuster Drive Imaging Server
GhostBuster makes "Ghost" type drive images - one big image file that is an exact image of the entire hard drive, which can be used to completely restore the machine at any time from bare metal. No "boot disks" to make! Just pop in the GhostBuster Boot CD, restart and transmit the drive image over the network to your GhostBuster Imaging Server. Read More...

GhostBuster Boot CD
The GhostBuster Boot CD allows you to send drive images to an attached USB drive or to a GhostBuster Imaging Server on the network. No per-seat licensing allows you to economically image all the machines on your network. Read More...

SOS Open File Access Module
SOS Open File Access Module works with all of our software to allow you to backup any open or locked file, such as SQL databases, Exchange Server, and Outlook PST files, etc. Read More...

Active Directory Replication Add-On Module (ADR)
The SOS Active Directory Replication Add-On Module (ADR) is required if you are doing failover for a Domain Controller. Read More...

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