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Features of SOS for Linux!

  • Multi-Server Capable. Will now do a continuous sync of unlimited number of servers or workstations to one Standby Server.
  • Capable of doing fail-over for any specified server automatically.
  • Ability to change which server is set to fail-over.
  • Ability to manually takeover for any server at any time.
  • Domain enabled: Ability to use domain credentials to backup machines. Local accounts on machine no longer required.
  • WINS enabled: Ability to use WINS server for name resolution. This feature allows easy back up of workstations that have a changing IP address because of DHCP assignments.
  • Ability to work with Active Directory.
  • Wait Mode: If laptops are being synced, removing them from network at night is no problem. If PCs are turned off at night, that is not a problem. Standby Server will watch for them to come back on the network and continue syncing them when they come back online.
  • Improved Available Shares Window: If there are more shares than fit the window, it will only display what fits. A click on the “More” button displays the remaining shares.
  • Ability To Image Drives: SDI Imaging Server Module now included in package. You may image an unlimited number of machines and transmit the image to the SOS Standby Server. These images can be transmitted back from the server to rebuild a drive on any machine on the network. Bootable Imaging Client CDs included. Ghost hard drive features.
  • SDI Imaging Module has been greatly enhanced over previous version. Now uses 32 bit, DMA disk access, Full Duplex Networking, block size optimization, and Post Transfer Compression. These enhancements have increased the imaging speed by one thousand percent! (10 times faster).
  • Partition Resize Program Is Now Included.
  • Comes with utility to change machine SID after installing image.
  • New Setup Wizard steps you through configuration.
  • IP address of Standby Server conveniently displayed on GUI interface.
  • Sync2NAS component no longer required. An all-new SOS module is included that is much easier to use and far more reliable. This module is called RASETI (Rsync Assist Script Enabled Transfer Implementation). This program installs on any Windows machine. It is menu driven and will automatically install an Rsync Server Service on any NT/XP/2000/2003 machine. It will setup scheduled transmit or receive of files to or from that machine. All scheduled jobs generate log files that are automatically emailed to designated people.
  • An Open File Manager is now available for SOS Standby Server. This program is available from Saint Bernard Software. Tell them you want the agent for SOS Standby Server. This will allow backup of Exchange, SQL, System Files, or any open file on the server.
  • Runs on the latest Red Hat Fedora Linux Release.
  • Uses the latest Rsync Version.
  • Includes networking utilities for creating network shares, and mapping network drives.
  • Includes custom FGET utility that facilitates sending files to customers via the Internet. This module is for enhancing services to clients that you are providing off-site backup to. This feature allows client to easily retrieve backup files from the offsite server, RAID data recovery protection.
  • New GUI Compare program for checking on synchronization at the click of a button.



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