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Would you gamble with someone else’s money?
---  The Facts Of Mission Critical Data  ---

Of course you wouldn’t do that. That would be foolish, not to mention unprofessional. But what many professionals don’t realize is that they might be gambling every day with their customer’s information and data. If your intake and scheduling of clients is computer-based, if your billing and client records are electronic, then you may be gambling with your customer’s data and you might be gambling with the livelihood of your business. You could be risking your ability to care for your customer’s needs.


Are you gambling with the livelihood of your business?
--- Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Solution ---

If your computers are handling mission-critical data for your business, then you MUST have an adequate disaster recovery solution in place. If you don’t, you are gambling that today your system will not crash. Just like the odds are stacked against you in Vegas, the odds are against you in the world of computers.


The hard reality of hard drives:
 ---  Its Not a Matter of IF They Will Crash – Its WHEN!  ---

Most people don’t realize that their business data is spinning at 7,800 rotations per minute and is dependant upon a magnetic reading head positioned less than a hair’s breadth away from the spinning platter. These are the physical realities of the insides of the hard disk where all data is stored on a computer. The read heads move at blinding speed faster than the eye can see. Eventually the bearings wear out, heads loose their adjustment. Something as small as a dust particle can crash the heads into the spinning platter. The magnetic media can loose its magnetic coating. The motor can fail. The electronics inside the drive are sensitive to heat. The operating temperature of a hard drive is 131 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s too hot to touch without injury and according to hard disk manufacturers; just 9 degrees hotter, at 140 degrees, the drive will fail. It only takes a cooling fan failure or someone to turn off the A/C in your building and you are all set for a disk crash. The hard truth is: All hard drives crash. Sometimes when they are new. Sometimes when they are old. But a hard disk failure sometime is an absolute certainty. Informed people know this. Smart people plan for it.


How long can you afford to be down?
---  Never? Then You Need a High Availability Failover Server  ---

A backup plan gets you back online- eventually. Maybe in several hours or in a few days or weeks. But if your server has mission critical data then you need more than just a backup plan. You need a disaster recovery plan that incorporates a high availability failover server. Disaster recovery is much more than mere backup. A good disaster recovery plan lets you continue operation without interruption.If your business relies on computers, you need to ask yourself a question…“How long can I afford to be down?”  For many businesses, the honest answer is: Never!


Your new best friend…
---  The One Who Can Provide a Disaster Recovery Solution!  ---

If you want to avoid a business disaster then I’m your new best friend. Hi. I’m Mark Swarbrick and SOS Standby Server is my brainchild. I love what I do. I get to save people from disaster and have them thank me for it. What a great feeling!  I get to hear people say things like this:

           "The second time disaster struck was a few months ago when my server's power supply failed. It turned out that the proprietary power supply was not available locally and was on back-order. My SOS Standby Server took over and all my employees continued working as though nothing happened."

                                                                                                Conrad A. Roskelley , CFP®, President
                                                                                                Cornerstone Financial Planning, Inc.
Chandler , Arizona

I also love being across the isle from our competitors at trade shows, knowing that our product is more comprehensive and much less expensive than their costly hard-to-maintain cluster server solution. Recently our low pricing has forced our competitors to lower their prices. That’s good old American capitalism making everything better for the consumer. And I love being the one driving that!

SOS Standby Server is an innovative solution that was developed over ten years ago and has been continually improved. It is a solution that goes beyond backup, keeps your business up and running when disaster strikes and helps you sleep at night knowing that you are not gambling with critical business data. It protects you, not only against a hard drive crash, but also against mother board failure, power supply failure, memory failure, OS corruption, viruses and malware and a host of other things that can bring a server down. SOS Standby Server protects your entire server. Now you are informed. Next, be smart. Don’t gamble with your business. Get SOS Standby Server. Call today and ask all the questions you want!




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