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Active Directory Replication
          Add-On Module (ADR)


When replicating a domain controller to a standby server it is advantageous to replicate the Active Directory from the main to the standby server. This makes manual and redundant changes to the standby server Active Directory unnecessary.

However you do not want this replication to happen continuously in real time. Why? Because most server boot failures are due to operating system corruption. If the Active Directory on the main server becomes corrupted, and if you are always replicating Active Directory to the standby server, then you will have a corrupted AD on the standby server at the same moment it corrupts on the main server. This could possibly make the standby server unusable. This completely defeats the purpose of having a standby server.

Therefore we have implemented a module for SOS Standby Server called SOS Active Directory Replicator (ADR). The ADR module will replicate the Active Directory from the main server to the standby server on a weekly basis. This schedule can be modified to your preference. The backup and restore can also be run manually at will. This will allow for changes in users, computers and passwords in Active Directory to be reasonably up-to-date on the standby server yet still be protected from any OS corruption that may occur on the main server. In the event of suspected problems on the main server the weekly replication of Active Directory can be turned off until the situation is resolved.

The ADR module can also be used as a stand-alone application without an SOS Standby Server. ADR will backup Active Directory and allow you to restore it to the same machine, or to a different machine. For example, if you have to reinstall the OS, or if you have replaced the server with one that has a new OS, you can restore your backup of Active Directory to this OS, provided it is the same OS version. This effectively gives you complete Active Directory protection without having to install a second domain controller.

On request, ADR will also copy or move many other application databases that are closely associated with Active Directory. These include the Microsoft Exchange mailbox store, the Microsoft SharePoint web-page database, the Terminal Services License TSCAL database, the Domain Name System (DNS) database, the DHCP database, the WINS database, and the Internet Information Services (IIS) security database (the “metabase”).


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