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Failover Standby Server
The Best Disaster Recovery Backup Solution!

SOS Standby Server is a failover backup system that protects computers by combining several high availability features which provide a premier network server HA back up solution. SOS provides automatic server fail over, byte level disk-to-disk data replication, ghost hard drive imaging, as well as offsite backup. The SOS Standby Server disk to disk replication provides an excellent alternative to tape backup, providing multi-server failover for Exchange servers, file servers, and SQL database servers.

When recovering from an IT disaster, timing is everything. Costs can mount quickly with each minute that access is denied to critical systems. That's why Swarbrick Software, Inc. has designed a backup system that meets today's requirements for high availability: A local and remote backup standby failover system delivering uninterrupted network service in spite of server failure. In the event of main server failure, the standby server can take over all functions of the server, allowing users to continue working uninterrupted until the main server is repaired.

Server Disaster Recovery Standby Servers

SOS Standby Server for Windows
SOS Standby Server for Windows (SOS4WIN) is our premier backup solution, a software package which performs high availability server mirroring for your entire network. Designed to run on any Windows Server OS or workstation, it will provide standby failover services for any server on your network, while simultaneously providing data archiving, offsite backup, and drive imaging for all PCs on the network. READ MORE ON SOS HERE ...

Includes SOS4WIN Data Replicator, SOS Backup Scheduler, Offsite Data Receiver and GhostBuster Drive Imaging Server! Open File Access Module Available.

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